Free up your team with expert remote support and maintenance at a guaranteed fixed cost

Healthcare leaders must balance strategic initiatives with support and maintenance of their enterprise software. With experience from dozens of successful clients, Healthtech’s Application Support Services team provides industry-leading support and maintenance at a guaranteed fixed cost. We fine tune and unlock best practices to take care of your users so they can provide better care.

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Planning for enterprise software support is unpredictable

You want to provide the best possible experience for your end users. To do that, you need to provide world-class support, but the time and cost of maintaining your enterprise software is unpredictable

You know it could be better

With time and resources devoted to support and maintenance instead of strategic initiatives, you worry that you’re letting down your end users and not getting the most from your IT investment. This can leave you feeling stuck.

Your team deserves the time to complete strategic projects

At Healthtech, we believe your team deserves the time to work on those strategic projects that move your organization forward without getting bogged down with tickets and maintenance work. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of hundreds of experts that takes advantage of industry best practices across dozens of clients to provide award-winning support.
Here's a list of ways we can help. And to learn more about our application support services, download this PDF.

Core HIS services:

  • Tier 2 application support for any/all HIS applications
  • Tier 2 application support for any/all HIS-associated applications (e.g., PACS)
  • HIS update and testing support
  • Implementation support for new HIS functionality and applications
  • Technical support related to HIS applications
    • Support for integration to and from the HIS
    • Report writing support for HIS applications
    • Analytics and data management support related to HIS applications
  • Full-service legacy support for a move to a new HIS

Additional application support services

  • Tier 2 application support for non HIS-related applications
  • Tier 1 help desk support
  • Support for all integration, report writing, and analytics and data management
  • Network support
  • Infrastructure (servers and storage) support

How we work with you:


We listen to your goals, challenges, and needs.

Collaborate on a plan.

We work with you to develop a best-fit strategy.

Execute and deliver results.

We execute the plan and deliver results.