Manitoba eHealth

Consulting for:

  • eHealth
  • Telehealth

Healthtech was engaged to review the Coordination of Care (CoC) program’s business operational models in an effort to align the Division programs (eChart Manitoba and MBTelehealth) and prepare for anticipated growth while retaining the agility to develop, deploy and support future solution offerings. The project was intended to reassess the allocation and use of resources most conducive to enhancing customer support and satisfaction.

Healthtech performed an environmental scan, assessing similar organizations in other provinces to identify how they are organized, the relationship between telehealth and eHealth (if any), and how they operate, including strengths and weaknesses in their current operating models.

Data gathered in the environmental scan formed the basis of a current state review of CoC business models, organizational capacity, and strategy to inform a short (immediate to two year) and longer term (three to five year) roadmap for optimization of the existing business units and available resources.

The project delivered a set of recommendations for performance metrics and benchmarks specific to the business services of CoC. A roadmap was also developed to guide the optimization of the CoC business units and solution teams, defining a model of service that exemplifies efficiency, efficacy, and improvement to existing services.

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