Implementation and Application Support

Project Management

Healthtech Consultants’ practical and proven project management methodology has earned us a reputation for finishing projects on time and on budget. We provide comprehensive project management for all information technology (IT) related projects ranging from small departmental applications to broad regional multi-system implementations. We use a partnership approach where the planning and execution of IT initiatives is a collaborative effort between the Healthtech and client teams.

Our approach to project management is one that reflects and supports sharing of responsibilities in the areas of risk management, change management, planning and prioritization, communication, budgeting, staffing and resourcing, project monitoring and quality assurance.

At each stage of every IT project, Healthtech envisions that staff and managers involved and affected by the project will be key participants. In Healthtech’s experience, team building and open communication are continuous project processes. Through these processes, teams can identify and address conflicting stakeholder requirements.

Healthtech Consultants has extensive experience in managing complex projects. We will apply our standard project management methodology to all aspects of the project. Our methodology is structured to allow for the management of tasks and the effective reporting of progress.

Change Management

Large-scale change occurs when a significant number of people change their behaviour. This is why the development and implementation of a supportive change management strategy is critical to the success and adoption of new technology in healthcare organizations.

Healthtech Consultants understand that the purpose of a change management strategy is to ensure that stakeholders are ready, willing and able to accept the proposed change and ultimately make it a success.

Our change management consultants have significant healthcare organizational experience and understand the challenges associated with adopting new processes and technologies. In addition to understanding healthcare, our consultants have unique facilitation and interpersonal skills which are critical in delivering this service. Healthtech Consultants has developed and consistently implemented strategies that increase the rate and speed of adoption and acceptance of new processes and systems

Healthtech’s approach to change management is based on two foundational underpinnings:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Building Capacity

The five plans that combine to form Healthtech’s change management strategy are:

  • Readiness Plan
  • Transition Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Evaluation Plan

Business Applications

As organizations look beyong financial reporting to regional reporting, decision support and business intelligence, it is critical to be positioned for success. Healthtech provides a variety of services to assist organizations with these projects. Our consultants are experienced in helping organizations prepare, implement, redesign, train and manage change to optimize both processes and information systems.

Management Information System (MIS): Healthtech Consultants has in-depth knowledge of the MIS reporting standards. Our consultants have hands-on experience in developing standards and in assisting clients to attain these standards. Services include structured analysis of your current level of MIS compliance, recommendations for changes to achieve compliance, and development of plans to implement required changes. In addition, Healthtech Consultants offers training in all aspects of the MIS Standards.

Case Costing: Is your organization positioned to implement Case Costing? Are you facing the rework of restarting a stalled Case Cost implementation? Healthtech Consultants is uniquely positioned to support your organization in moving forward with Case Costing. Our consultants have practical experience with the MIS Standards, which form the basis for Case Costing in Canada, and in implementing Case Costing applications. Healthtech Consultants has assisted clients in assessing Case Costing readiness and selection and implementation of Case Costing applications.

Decision Support: Providing managers with the information they need to make decisions on a day-to-day basis is critical. With so much data available at our finger tips, it is essential that the translation in leading organizations through the development of reporting requirements, including development of performance indicators, reporting and balanced scorecards, analysis of data sources and delivery options. Healthtech also has significant experience leading organizations through the selection and implementation of tools to support organizational requirements.

Human Resources: Human Resources are the largest resource and cost in healthcare. Ensuring appropriate information technology is available to manage these resources is critical. Healthtech Consultants is highly experienced in the selection and implementation of systems to support Human Resource processes such as recruitment, performance evaluation, training and development, grievance management, benefit management, salary administration, workflow and reporting.

Business Office: The Business Office in a healthcare organization is a hub of activity, synthesizing data from systems throughout the organization. Healthtech Consultants can work with your Business streams, identification of issues, analysis of opportunities and development of recommendations for optimization, development of detailed project plans to support improvements and project management.

Supply Chain: Healthtech Consultants has significant experience assisting organizations to assess options and apply for funding for regional supply chain initiatives. Services include current state analysis, system selection, and implementation planning and support.