[White paper] COVID-19 vaccinations: Preparing for efficient distribution

COVID-19 immunization efforts will soon be swinging into high gear. These vaccines have the potential to help interrupt the community spread of SARS-CoV-2. Millions of people throughout Canada will be seeking out immunization, and our already-strained healthcare organizations will have to find capacity to take on the added responsibility of distributing the vaccine to everyone who wants it. Planning is essential, and flexibility will be required as changes will invariably occur at the last minute.

COVID-19 White Paper imageTo learn about the changes ahead and how to effectively prepare your organization, download our white paper, co-written by Healthtech’s CMO Dr. Kristina Garrels and Nordic’s CMO Dr. Craig Joseph. Dr. Garrels and Dr. Joseph outline the most important factors for your organization to consider for successful vaccine distribution.

Please fill out the form below to download the white paper. And if you need help preparing your organization for efficient vaccine distribution, let’s talk. We'll listen to your needs and discuss a plan that works best for your organization.



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