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One of the key responsibilities of HSSBC’s Supply Chain Standardization is the ongoing monitoring of consumption related to supply contracts with committed volumes. This function is essential as it is the primary means to quantify compliance to contract terms and acts as a trigger for corrective actions should non-compliance occur. Failure to comply with contract terms can result in significant financial repercussions to the health authorities and their suppliers.

Through this project, requirements and processes for this essential function were established. These included:

  • Inputs: information sources for items to be tracked; item lists and categorization of commodities; and clearly defined target contract compliance levels;
  • Processes: the operational definition of usage compliance; and data manipulation steps required to efficiently validate, manipulate and transform data into actionable information; and
  • Outputs: the format, medium, frequency and circulation of reports.

Healthtech Consultants provided project management, leadership, and subject matter expertise for this project. The key deliverables and results of the initiative included:

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis: stakeholder interviews to establish and document reporting requirements;
  • Data Collection and Analysis Process Design: document the inputs, accountabilities, and methodology for calculating compliance;
  • Report Testing and Vetting: SCR will be completed using the defined process and circulated to stakeholder working groups and steering committees for review and approval;
  • Report Distribution Process: an efficient mechanism for hosting and distribution of the reports will be established, likely using the HSSBC SharePoint site as a repository;
  • Stakeholder Communication Plan: a plan to communicate a clear message to stakeholders about the role of SCR will be developed and initiated; focusing on HSSBC Standardization; Category Management, Branch Management, Warehousing and Logistics; and, health authority clinical department managers (as appropriate); and
  • Non-compliance Corrective Action High-Level Process: the steps that will follow identification of noncompliance will be identified and documented based on stakeholder consultation.

This initiative will improve HSSBC’s ability to proactively monitor compliance with procurement contracts, thereby optimizing their spending.

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