Technology Management

Build, refresh, or optimize your organization with one of our many Technology Management services. Our consultants create unique IM / IT solutions specifically tailored to meet a wide variety of your requirements. We drive IT management from the inside, and understand what you require to make the most of your technology investments.

Transforming Health

For over 30 years our people have managed multiple vendors across complex multi-stakeholder projects. We have worked with most healthcare technology vendors in Canada. Our strong personal working relationships with their staff allow us to take your project that extra step forward. Our experience delivers the technology, integration, implementation, and clinical adoption solutions that work for you.

Our Solution

We understand the business and clinical side of technology. We deliver the experience, knowledge, and capacity you need to create the best fit between your unique clinical environment and your chosen IT solutions. Healthtech supports clinical and business solutions regardless of the third party software or technical vendors involved. The tangible benefits of our Technology Management Solution include:

  • Optimization or renewal of your current technologies
  • Alignment of IT solutions with your clinical and business needs
  • Managed vendor relations and deliverables
  • Interim leadership

This Specialty is integrated with our Vendor Specific Solution, in which we deliver a highly specialized package of services targeting the unique challenges and requirements of many other systems.

The Services

The suite of services included in our Technology Management Solution include.

Planning Services

  • Governance / Shared Services
  • Strategic and Tactical Plans
  • Infrastructure / Planning Implementation
  • CIO / ICT Management
  • Readiness Assessments – Change Management, Clinical and Project
  • Performance Management
  • Privacy & Security
  • PIA Assessments
  • Telehealth
  • Implementation

Integration Services

  • Planning

Implementation Services

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Specific Application SME’s
  • Training / Knowledge Transfer
  • Optimization / Benefits Realization
  • Evaluation

Clinical Adoption

  • Clinical Systems Planning
  • Clinical Standards
  • Clinical Systems Implementation
  • Medication Management