Clinical Applications

The Healthtech Consultants clinical team has several years of experience implementing leading clinical information systems. Our application expertise includes Allscripts, Cerner, McKesson and Siemens. Our areas of expertise include Inpatients, Emergency Departments, ambulatory, CPOE, Clinical Documentation, Medication Management and clinical departments such as Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory.

The implementation of advanced clinical systems is a significant change initiative – one that has huge implications for practice and workflow. Our consulting team has an unparalleled experience base in the practical aspects of implementing electronic clinical systems.

Healthtech Consultants has a knowledgeable team of professionals with an understanding of current documentation methodologies, standards, and professional practice requirements. We have experience with workflow assessments and redesign as well as identifying opportunities for realizing benefits and introducing best practices.

Healthtech Consultants can build on the information collected during a Clinical Documentation, Medication Management or CPOE Readiness Assessment and /or work with the organization to identify the investment required to implement electronic systems.

Medication Management

Healthtech Consultants has developed extensive knowledge and expertise to guide organizations to create a closed-loop medication management system that will support and enhance best practices in medication safety.

To assist with the transformation into an integrated technological environment, Healthtech Consultants provides workflow assessment and redesign services in all phases of the medication management system (procurement, storage and distribution, order management and medication administration). In providing these services, Healthtech has helped numerous clients increase the safety, usability and efficiency of their medication management systems.

Our team will provide insight into the development of the infrastructure required to provide: a unit dose, bar-coded drug inventory; the transition of paper orders to electronic format; consensus building for order sets; workflow processes to support positive patient identification; and efficient use of devices for safe point of care administration.

Clinical Optimization & Operational Review

Healthtech, in close partnership with the client, work together to critically analyze existing processes and procedures to generate recommended process advancements and opportunities for improvements in patient safety, patient care time, methodologies, and operational processes.

Systems Planning

Healthtech has extensive experience with the delivery of health systems and planning including: Public Health Surveillance, Information Systems implementations and operational readiness assessments.

Implementations of large “IS” projects often fail. They fail to meet initial objectives, to come in on time, to come in on budget, and to deliver what was promised.

Not so with Healthtech Consultants. We have a track record for greater than 25 years of delivering projects. It is because our staff have been there, done that, and been responsible and successful in operationally delivering on the goals and objectives of these projects. Our systems plans are not just theoretical or “strategic”, they are operationally viable.

Physician EPR & CPOE Planning

Few organizations have successfully implemented CPOE. They are high risk initiatives involving the entire organization. They are big change and high communication projects. They have impact on, and are impacted by clinical operations and changes. They are multi-year projects that often take longer than expected.

Success is not just contingent on being able to fund the project with a champion (though this does go a long way), it is about navigating and choreographing the adoption of change.

What makes Healthtech successful? Clinical operational proficiency, seasoned resources, clinical workflow and redesign, clinical engagement, a focus on increasing patient care time and safety, and leaders who have delivered success (one of our team members has delivered over 15 CPOE implementations).