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Laura Copeland, MD, MBA, FACEP

Dr CopelandEmergency Physician Practicing Medical Psychotherapy
Chief Medical Information Officer, Healthtech Consultants

Dr. Laura Copeland is a physician and medical informatics specialist with fifteen years experience planning and implementing electronic health records while advocating for and supporting the adoption of technology in healthcare.

Dr. Copeland assumed key leadership roles in many complex hospital-based health information systems, including the Cleveland Clinic Emergency Department and Humber River Hospital, which is North America’s first fully digital hospital. Dr. Copeland is a proven leader in clinical standardization, multidisciplinary teamwork, medication management, computerized provider order entry, order sets development, medical documentation, change leadership, and data governance. As an emergency physician and medical psychotherapist, she applies her extensive clinical practice experience to inspire change within organizations.

Over the past eight years, Dr. Copeland has advised local, regional, and provincial organizations on the importance of clinician engagement and leadership in health technology. She is an inspiring speaker and engaging facilitator who presents on a variety of medical informatics topics. Recent presentations include:

  • Case Studies of Successful Implementations
  • Physician Leadership and Governance in Health IT Initiatives
  • Leading Clinicians Through Health Technology Revolution
  • Using Health Information Technology as a Clinical Tool
  • Clinical Standardization – When Standard Practice Meets System Standards
  • Order Sets Development, Management and Usage
  • Patient and Community Engagement in Health Technology

“The age of disruptive technology is coming to an end. It is now time to disrupt technology to meet the needs of the people it serves. Patients and clinicians need to take the lead in crafting our future. My mission is to facilitate the knowledge, experience and leadership necessary for healthy outcomes.”
– Laura Copeland, MD

Dr. Copeland is skilled at engaging physicians and leadership in discussions on readiness, governance, planning, design, testing, training, education, implementation, and post-Go-Live operations, providing leaders in key positions with the feedback required to support all phases of hospital information system projects.

Dr. Copeland offers a Grand Rounds presentation and on-site visit to gain insight into physician engagement and physician satisfaction in your organization. If desired, she can then be engaged to meet with physicians and leadership to develop a current state evaluation and suggestions for optimal future state. Dr. Copeland can provide expert support, education, training, and networking for your CMIO as your organization builds an approach to the future of HIS.

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