Healthtech Announces Two Consultant Appointments

Healthtech Consultants announces the following two appointments as part of a multi-year growth project.

Donna Rothwell: as Senior Consultant, Clinical Adoption division. She is an RN and holds a Masters in Nursing and a Fellowship from the Wharton School of Business. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare administrative leadership roles, Donna comes to Healthtech as a proven champion for nursing and interprofessional practice.

Theo Goh: as Consultant, Planning division. Holding an MSc and completing his MBA, Theo brings a combined science and business background to Healthtech. His passion for improving healthcare through the use of technology coupled with his unique skill set will be instrumental in executing on Healthtech’s client projects and growth initiatives.

Healthtech Consultants is the leading Canadian provider of information management, with services exclusive to the healthcare sector. For over 30 years, Healthtech’s real experience has delivered real results by providing patients and clinicians the information they need to drive improved health outcomes. 


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