Project Planning Workshop – Change Management in Action!

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Date Friday, March 30th, 2012
Time 9:30am (session time is 9:00am)
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This presentation will demonstrate how to plan and run a project planning workshop that will create clarity and direction for the entire project team. The session will cover planning and facilitating the workshop as well as a variety of tools to engage participants, even the most doubtful!


Using a combination of presentation, real life examples, and facilitated exercise, this session will demonstrate the value of a project planning workshop.

Many projects are started without an understanding of what will be required to be successful. Often, by the middle of a project, teams are struggling with stakeholder engagement, accountability, team members with differing views of the project scope, and a project budget that is under attack. All of this despite solid project planning and management. A facilitated project planning workshop can set up any project for success.

The project planning workshop is a valuable tool to kick off any project. The workshop will engage stakeholders, ensure a shared understanding of the project objectives, clarify requirements, outline project tasks, gather resource requirements, identify project risks and demonstrate commitment to the project. The project manager can leave the workshop ready to write your project charter, budget, timeline and plans to manage risk, communication, and resources.

The project planning workshop demonstrates the power of change management in action. Project stakeholders will leave the workshop having shared in creating the project vision and how the project will come to life, and will have started the process of building accountability. The project planning workshop and the shared experiences of the participants will lay the groundwork for those ”tough” conversations that, even in the best run project, inevitability must occur. The project workshop can be the first change management deliverable.

About the Speaker

Terri Cahill is an information technology consultant with over 20 years of experience in the health care sector. Terri’s areas of expertise include project management, performance management, and application consulting. Terri has presented internationally on strategies for successful project management.Terri is a CPHIMS-CA and a PMP. She is currently providing leadership to a variety of client projects as well as Healthtech’s Project Management Office.


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